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Monday, August 8, 2011

Interview w Pat Ramirez and Lynn Griesemer on August 3, 2011

Pat Ramirez
Siamese Cat Rescue Center has a network of volunteers throughout the Eastern half of the United States from New Hampshire to Florida and as far west as Indiana. Siamese Cat Rescue Center (SCRC) has over 200 active volunteers. Pat started volunteering at the shelter soon after the adoption of her first cat from Siamese Rescue in 1999.  Today she is the Board President and here with us today to see if we can increase the over 18,417 Siamese Rescued!

Contact Info:
Adopt an abandoned Siamese

Lynn Griesemer
Lynn Griesemer homeschooled her six children (ages 9-23) for 16 years between 1994-2010.  She and her husband Bob have been residents of Fairfax, Virginia for 10 years and are the recipients of the "2011 Parents of the Year Award" by the  Virginia Parents' Day Alliance.  

Lynn currently serves as a Marriage Coach, combining her background in psychology, human resources, writing, speaking and leadership to bring a multi-faceted perspective. Happily married for over 26 years, she  is host of the weekly internet radio program, "Your Marriage Matters" on (  

Lynn is an internationally known author and considered a leader / advocate of the controversial childbirth choice, "unassisted homebirth," (giving birth intentionally without a doctor or midwife). Her first book, Unassisted Homebirth: An Act of Love was published in 1998.  Your Body, Your Birth:  Secrets for a Satisfying and Successful Birth (2007) is a motivational and inspirational childbirth CD.  (

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