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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Interview w Christopher Fay from Homestretch on June 1, 2011

Homestretch is a comprehensive program that helps homeless families in Fairfax County find the resources they need to rebuild their lives. Once a family is accepted into Homestretch, they move into a fully furnished apartment and embark on a journey with Homestretch that can last two or more years. During this time, Homestretch works with the family to help find the adults meaningful employment and to build their skills and education so that they can substantially improve their ability to earn a living wage. Meanwhile, our child services staff works with the family to address the needs of their children, including academic, social and health issues. The needs of Homestretch clients can be enormous and varied. Families become homeless and end up at the doors of Homestretch due to many different reasons. It may be due to natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina, or sudden losses of loved ones who were primary breadwinners. Many women flee situations of domestic violence and end up homeless with their children. Some are political refugees from war torn countries and others are families who have been caught up in the patterns of dysfunction and poverty who seek ways to stabilize their lives.

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